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Hearty Soup on a Cold Night

November 11, 2008

It’s not winter.. just yet. But tonight the chill in the air reminded me–with joy, this year–that winter is around the corner. I had two good, old friends over for dinner tonight. In fact these two were some of my first friends in Washington. We had a delicious rustic soup I found on one of my new favorite food blogs, La Tartine Gourmande. I made the vegetable broth yesterday and froze half of it, then made the soup and heated it up tonight– the house smelled wonderful. The recipe called for a walnut pesto –with lemon zest, walnut oil, walnuts and parsley– as well as pecorino cheese to be served with it. The citrus and the salty cheese were the perfect complement to the soup.

I feel like a neophyte for not taking advantage of the Dupont Circle Farmers’ Market before now– at the market I picked up some mixed greens which were really all I needed for a simple salad, the greens quite stand on their own. Some crusty bread, and peanut butter cookies for dessert. These greens are so superior to what you can find even at the most expensive gourmet market– they are sturdy, fresh, and varied– there were a few sprigs of flowers, some swiss chard, red lettuce, and a few other delicious varieties. Greens like that need almost no adornment. In this case it was balsamic vinaigrette, EVOO, and shaved parmesan.